Hey Rocco Box Set

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Staying in touch has never been more fun. Each box set comes with an original Rocco plushie and a beautifully illustrated children’s book that tells the tale of an adventurous fox, his amazing journey, and his chance encounter with a very cool adult -- you!

Share this unique gift and create a lasting connection between you and a special (little) loved one. Whether you live down the street, or a thousand miles away, Hey Rocco gives you a special reason to stay in touch and something that only the two of you share.


  • A beautifully illustrated children’s book
  • One Rocco plushie
  • A personalized letter from Rocco

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The perfect gift

It’s tough to find the right gift for a child you don’t see that often. Hey Rocco makes it easy to give them something unique that shows you care.

A special reason to stay in touch 

You’ll now have a special friend in common and a connection that only the two of you share. Keep the magic alive by checking in on your two best pals and sharing Rocco’s latest adventures. 

You’re both part of the story

Our book is uniquely written to make you both a part of the story. You can also mark the moment by personalizing the dedication at the beginning. 

Durable covers and cuddly plush

Our books are printed on thick, high-quality paper, which has an elegant matte finish. Our plushies are super soft and perfect sized for little hands and play time.

About Rocco

Rocco is a curious fox that loves adventure and mischief. His story begins in the forest, where he's an outcast from the rest of the foxes and can’t find his place among the other animals. One day Rocco decides it’s time to leave the forest in search of adventure and a best friend. His journey takes him to all corners of the world and eventually he crosses paths with an unsuspecting human - that's you! As you attempt to help Rocco find a friend, you realize that you know just the perfect person. The first Hey Rocco book ends with you mailing an excited Rocco to meet his new best friend - your little one!

Have a Listen!

Listen along as Jason reads the first Hey Rocco book. 

Rocco's New Friends! 

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